Things People From The South Say When It Is Hot

*It's Hotter Than Blue Blazes *It's Hot as All Get-Out *I'm Burning Slap Up *It's Hotter Than (insert state) Asphalt *It Must Be 100 Degrees in The Shade *It's Not the Heat it's the Humidity
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WATCH: When it's Gnat season in the South

Yep they nailed this video
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Pollen Season in the South is Like a Horror Movie!

A monster is coming...and it goes by the name of POLLEN
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How to Survive Pollen Season in the South

This would work.....
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How to Greet Drivers in the South

Yep this seems correct
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cold weather

Why People in The South Hate Cold Weather

1. When is gets this cold we rarely get snow. 2. If you say the S-word all the bread and milk disappear from the gorcery stores 3. Soon as we get used to the weather it changes again 4. College football is almost over 5. It's not fresh tomatoe season
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Who Will See a White Christmas?

What are our chances here in the south righ now......
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