'Jesus Shoes' Filled With Holy Water Selling for More Than $3,000

If you want to walk on water it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Sneaker worshippers have gotten fanatical about repurposed Nike Air Max ‘97s which have been injected with water from the River Jordan that was blessed by a priest, reported the New York Post . The so-called “Jesus Shoes” by...
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Nike Is Starting A Subscription Service For Kids Sneakers

Nike’s “Adventure Club” is geared for two-to 10-year-olds and will offer three tiers of subscription - $20, $30, or $50 a month. Subscribers will get a new pair of Nike sneakers that cost about $50 or more once a month, once every two months, or once every three, depending on which tier you want.
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Are These Strapless Flip-Flops Even Nerdier Than Socks-with-Sandals?

Someone on Indiegogo is raising money for a shoe-flip-flop HYBRID called a "Link" shoe that stays on by gripping the sides of your foot. I can't wait to wear these with socks! They're calling them strapless flip-flops. They sorta look like shoes with the top half cut off. And they're supposed to...
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Mr. Peanut Just Released a Line of Basketball Shoes

I'm not sure this is a celebrity endorsement that's going to sell basketball shoes . . . but maybe it's strange enough to get people interested? There's a new line of basketball shoes coming out from . . . MR. PEANUT. The shoes are called "Crunch Force 1" and they're blue, yellow, and black . . ...
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Luke Combs

Luke Combs Crocs are a REAL THING

Sometimes Luke Combs isn't always cowboy boots and jeans, sometimes he's Crocs and Gym shorts. He's went and did it now... He's teamed up with Crocs and designed his own pair the Classic Crocs Clog. They will be availble exclusively at CMA fest at the Crocs Booth. Here's how it works... On Thursday...
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McDonald's Trolls Fashion House With Fry Box Shoes

McDonald’s is bringing fast food to high fashion
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Payless Opens Fake Luxury Store, Gets People To Pay $600 For $20 Shoes

The company took over a former Armani store and renamed it "Palessi."
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Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs are Back...Sorta

Nike “Fanny Pack” Benassi Slides for Summer 2018
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