Broken Phone

A Schoolgirl is Ordered to Smash Her Phone with a Hammer

The school has a "no phone" policy and apparently they take it VERY seriously. I'm told that the video was taken by another teacher.
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Sam Hunt Shares New Perspective on Music Ahead of Album No. 2

It has been four years since Sam Hunt broke out onto the country music scene with his debut album, Montevallo.
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WATCH: Kindergarten Classroom Greeter

they are warmly greeted by a classmate with a handshake and sometimes a hug.
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Little Girl Was Excited to Find Out Blake Shelton Once Used Her Textbook. Her Mother Was Not.

A little girl opened her reader textbook to find a name written inside: Blake Shelton.
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Sunday is National Promposal day

According to the National Day Calendar , this Sunday, March 11th, is National Promposal Day! High school students across America will be asking someone to their prom. Then, the list making begins. finding the right tux or suit, shoes and accessories finding the right dress, shoes and accessories...
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Study Finds Kids Work Harder Dressed as Batman

If your child's favorite thing to do is dress up in their Batman costume, you're in luck.
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