WATCH: Guy Tries to Break Dance during field sobriety test

I don't think it worked.
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Police Warn Parents About “48-Hour Challenge”

Police want parents to keep close watch over their teens because of a dangerous “48-hour challenge” that’s making its way around the Internet. The challenge encourages teens to go missing for up to two days at a time and gives them points for each social media mention they get while they’re missing...
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Florida man shows off dance moves during field sobriety test

Jail House Rock
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Police Car

Lip Sync Challenge with some VERY special appearances

Hey Yall, it's StyckMan . I'm from the small town of Smithville Tennessee. Home of Center Hill Lake, Country music superstars Aaron Tippon and John Anderson . I'm pretty dog gone proud of my hometown. My Mom is still there and I visit as often as I can. It's a really quiet little town. Not a lot...
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WATCH:Police officers and K9s join boy with tumor to pray before his brain surgery

Jalen loves German shepherds and has a huge collection of stuffed German shepherds
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Birmingham Police Help a Woman Audition for Janet Jackson

Not your typical call....
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Chattanooga Police Officer Bustin' a Move

This police officer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, took a break from hiding Easter eggs this week to bust a move with residents
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Snow-car Gets Parking Ticket

Simon Laprise is having a laugh at the fact his life-like Delorean replica made of snow got a parking ticket! Yes, HE BUILT A CAR OUT OF SNOW AND IT'S AWEOME! He apparently got into a little "trouble" with the car being "parked" during snow plowing hours. He even went as far as putting a real...
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