Bacon Burger

Bring Home the Bacon! Get paid $1,000 to Eat Bacon for the Day

A West Coast Hamburger chain called Farmer Boys has created created the ultimate dream job. Close your eyes and image for a second, a paid internship eating bacon. YES...I SAID PAID!!! the restaurant is offering $1,000 for one day's work. Do you LOVE bacon as much as we do?! --We've launched our...
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Your Precious Moments Figurines Could Be Worth a lot of money

Take a look at how much Precious Moments items have sold for in the past: 1. Limited Edition This is an example of how well a vintage, limited edition version can perform. It sold for $409 on eBay. recious Moments has also teamed up with Disney on a number of figurines and collections. This...
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How Many Golf Shots It Takes Tiger Woods To Earn Your Salary.

HOW MANY GOLF SHOTS IT TAKES FOR TIGER WOODS TO EARN YOUR SALARY Tiger Woods was the first athlete in the world to earn a billion dollars -- and he’s still earning. There’s an online calculator that tells you exactly how many golf shots it takes Tiger Woods to earn your salary. It’s depressing, so...
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How Much it Would Cost to Book Your Favorite Band

These prices may vary on what type of show and where. See more bands and prices HERE
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LOOK: Surprising Stats and Facts - St. Patrick's Day 2018 By the Numbers

We've broken down some of the most surprising statistics about St. Patrick's Day 2018.
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