Mo & StyckMan

Father and Son Fishing in a Boat

Dad Level - Expert

This video is a boatload of fun to watch. David is hanging out with his dad on a boat. They hook a HUGE fish and Dad helps him reel it in. This kids excitment is so much fun to watch. Way to do Dad... David will NEVER forget that.
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Football Drinking Game

The Ultimate "Big Game" Drinking Game

The folks at has come up with a great "Big Game" Drinking Game . Now I'm not sure what's going on because they are talking about the Steelers and the Patriots...and it IS a 2019 article...BUUUUT. The game is still cool. I won't steal ALL of their fun but here are a FEW to get you started...
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Justn Moore

Justin Moore shares gnarly photo of injured leg after a horse stepped on it

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Dirty Underwear Being Used To Protect Cars From Theft

Not sure I would ever go to this length to ensure my car doesn't get stolen but a British man has found a new anti-theft device that seems to work. He simply uses his dirty underwear. A British author has stumbled onto a new business after he successfully sold his underwear on eBay as a car...
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Lake Baikal

Guy Films Himself Walking Across World's Deepest Frozen Lake

This guy walks across Lake Baikal in Russia, which is the deepest lake and the biggest reservoir of fresh water on Earth. The ice is so clear that you can see the coral, stones and fish at bottom of the lake. Video of Man films mesmerising walk across world's deepest frozen lake
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Candy Hearts

Here's Why You Won't See The Little Candy Hearts This Valentine's Day

For the first time in 153 years, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day without those little candy hearts with the cute messgaes on them. "The New England Confectionery Company" According to MSN "is no longer producing the classic Valentine’s Day candy, which means you’ll need to find another way to...
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Lauren Alaina And Her Fiance Call Off Their Engagement!

Lauren Alaina and her fiance Alex have decided to break if off after more than 6 years together, and we are all tore up for both of them. We ask for grace, compassion, and respect in this time. I don’t regret a single second with Alex. I wish him the very best. Please do the same.
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Landing At New York's Laguardia Airport In A Terrible Storm

The headline says it all. Just watch!
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Football Player

An Open Letter to "Big Game" Advertisers

Dear Big Game Advertisers, Lets try something new this year. PLEASE don't release your commercials for "The Big Game" until the night of THE GAME. You can tease them, maybe a 10sec teaser but don't release the whole commercial. See, I'm not the biggest SPORTS fan on the planet, so I'm sitting there...
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Baby Shark

Baby Shark Like You've Never Heard It Before

Baby Shark isn't going away! If fact we leared this week that the children's song has swam into the mainstream, debuting on the Billboard chart. Now, we find a new version of the song... Heavy Metal. The point of this post isn't as much about the style of the music as it is about the characters in...
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