Coffee pot

A Photo of Mold in a Hotel Room Coffee Maker Is Going Viral

A photo is going viral on Reddit right now from a guy who opened the top of the coffee maker in a hotel room . . . and found a thriving, disgusting mold colony. As he put it, quote, "You know it took weeks, if not months, for this ecosystem to develop." So . . . um . . . ALWAYS inspect the hotel...
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Meet Mayo Man

Y'all know that Mo doesn't like...scratch that...HATES Mayonnaise!! So when "Mayo Man" shows up on Inside Edition, it got our attention. Video of Man Eats Mayonnaise Straight From Jar at Baseball Game
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Man Caught Tasting Soup Straight From Hot Bar

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Worm in Apple

Ew That's Gross - Family finds GROSSNESS IN FOOD

A man was out to dinner with his family when his girlfriend found a parasitic worm wriggling around in her food The man posted a video of the worm-infested food to Facebook Video of Diners find parasitic worm in codfish dinner at Asbury Park restaurant The restaurant is less than thrilled, claiming...
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