Laughter is Contagious...Here's proof

We all need a good laugh...and this guy has a whole book of 'em.
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Dog Licks Pizza on Televison

We've all been there, dude!
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Cockatoo Reacts To "What The Fluff Challenge"

"The Fluff Challenge" featuring a cockatoo.
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Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding - BAD LIP READING STYLE.

The Bad Lip Reading Folks have taken on the Royal Wedding.
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Product Testing

Look, you will never get this time back, but I have laughed soooo hard! Remember Chewbacca Mom? Like that but different. WATCH!
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WATCH: When it's Gnat season in the South

Yep they nailed this video
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Human Fountains

Dumb? Yes! But I can't stop watching! Video of Human Fountains
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Sneaking Hot Dogs into Peoples Pocket's

Video of Sneaking Hot Dogs into Peoples Pocket's (short) p
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Try Not To Laugh Out Loud At This Baby’s First Word

Baby's first words
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Christmas Memories

Santa and the Bathtub Santa has a sense of humor when he comes to the StyckMan house. There was one year when the kids got up to see that there were no new presents under the tree from Santa. Sure the gifts from Mom and Dad were still there from the night before but apparently SANTA hadn't stopped...
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