You Won't Believe how many Crimes are in this 42 Second Video

You can't make this stuff up.
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Coke Can Sounds Like Chewbacca

I watched this way to many times
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Laughter is Contagious...Here's proof

We all need a good laugh...and this guy has a whole book of 'em.
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Dog Licks Pizza on Televison

We've all been there, dude!
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Cockatoo Reacts To "What The Fluff Challenge"

"The Fluff Challenge" featuring a cockatoo.
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Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding - BAD LIP READING STYLE.

The Bad Lip Reading Folks have taken on the Royal Wedding.
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Product Testing

Look, you will never get this time back, but I have laughed soooo hard! Remember Chewbacca Mom? Like that but different. WATCH!
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WATCH: When it's Gnat season in the South

Yep they nailed this video
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Human Fountains

Dumb? Yes! But I can't stop watching! Video of Human Fountains
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Sneaking Hot Dogs into Peoples Pocket's

Video of Sneaking Hot Dogs into Peoples Pocket's (short) p
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