Pigskin Patrol

THE BIGGEST GAMES! THE BIGGEST RIVALRIES! We’re keeping you up to date every Friday night with the Center for Sports Medicine Scoreboard update! Listen from 9PM to midnight each Friday to be in the know in the world of high school football! Join us at these games for the 2019 Pigskin Patrol season...
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Man with Hangover

How To Dodge The Dreaded Super Bowl Hangover

Fact is, some of you will be drinking for the "Big Game" today. If you start NOW you may can avoid that dreaded HANGOVER that looms tomorrow morning. Video of Dodge the dreaded Super Bowl hangover
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Football Drinking Game

The Ultimate "Big Game" Drinking Game

The folks at has come up with a great "Big Game" Drinking Game . Now I'm not sure what's going on because they are talking about the Steelers and the Patriots...and it IS a 2019 article...BUUUUT. The game is still cool. I won't steal ALL of their fun but here are a FEW to get you started...
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Equipment manager with special needs gets an incredible surprise from coach Dabo Swinney

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Dabo Swinney quoted the late Purdue fan Tyler Trent while speaking at the White House

Words to live by
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Football Player

An Open Letter to "Big Game" Advertisers

Dear Big Game Advertisers, Lets try something new this year. PLEASE don't release your commercials for "The Big Game" until the night of THE GAME. You can tease them, maybe a 10sec teaser but don't release the whole commercial. See, I'm not the biggest SPORTS fan on the planet, so I'm sitting there...
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VIDEO:Peyton Manning congratulates Drew Brees for breaking his record

The Denver Broncos and the New Orleans Saints Twitter pages had a message from Peyton about the achievement.
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College Football Team Has the Best New Tradition Out There

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Jimbo Fisher Would Give Up Meat to Beat Alabama

ESPN's Peter Burns reports that Fisher, a noted foodie of sorts, says he'd go vegan if it meant his squad could beat the Crimson Tide.
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Jason Aldean performs at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre / Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) runs after a reception in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium / Midland arrives at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards

Jason Aldean, Midland Pitch for Dez Bryant to Sign With the Tennessee Titans

With the start of the NFL season right around the corner, at least one big name free agent remains unsigned... and a handful of Country superstars know exactly where he should land this off-season.
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