The Tomato Sandwich- The Best Summer Sandwich?

Summer is here and time for these summer classics
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You Can Now Drink Wine-Flavored Water!

There are some food and drink items put out by manufacturers that I just do not understand! The latest one is “wine water,” and it is boggling my mind. It's a non-alcoholic drink called O. Vine , which lets you enjoy the essence of a bottle of wine without the hangover. I’ve heard of near beer, but...
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SpaghettiOs Popsicles?!?!?

No Really!!! Watch!
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When the Crab has a Knife and Fights Back!

He Is not going to be lunch!
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Cotton Candy

Woman CRUSHES Cotton Candy Challenge

This is the queen of eating cotton candy.
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5 Drinks That Are Perfect for Every Kind of St. Patrick's Day Celebration

We have rounded up some of the most unique (and most popular) cocktails that YOU can make to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
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Five Special Deals for National Margarita Day That Will Have You Celebrating!

National Margarita Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a great drink tonight. So we have compiled a list of some restaurants that are offering specials for the holiday.
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