Wet Willy

Man Jailed After ‘Wet Willy’ Caper

A 47-year-old man was jailed after allegations he gave his girlfriend a “wet willy.” The guy's name is Joseph Sireci, of Fort Pierce, Florida and he was arrested on a battery charge after the Aug. 15 incidents. His girlfriend said he was drunk on the living room floor when she got home from work...
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Kid at Barber

Barber Plays Classic Prank on Kid

A Florida barber has gone viral online for a practical joke shared to YouTube, during which he pretends to cut off a 10-year-old boy’s ear during a routine haircut. Don't worry, mom was in on it! I gotta say, the kid handled it well. He's a strong kid! Video of FAKE BLOODY EAR BARBER PRANK
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