Yummy Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Stuffed Donuts May Be The Best Treat Ever

Ice cream? Yes! Donuts? YES! What do you think about Ice cream filled donuts? The weekend is almost here!!! Which Halo will you be getting?! Choose your favorite #icecream and watch as we heat-seal it inside our yummy glazed donut! We also have our #Ube Blondie, Ube Bread Pudding, Speculoos...
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Krispy Kreme in Knoxville just invented donut ice cream sandwiches

A new Krispy Kreme in Knoxville, Tenn., will not only serve ice cream, it will serve ice cream between donut buns.
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You can now hire clowns to deliver doughnuts to your friends or enemies

Hurts Donut, a chain out of Springfield, Mo., is making it even more magical, by allowing you to hire a creepy clown to make doughnut deliveries. Video of Hurts Donut Co Creepy Clown Delivery
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