Beautiful holdiay decorated room with Christmas tree with presents under it

When Do You Take Your Christmas Tree Down?

Christmastime is a joyous and special time of year, but it can also be a bit of problem for folks wrestling between keeping their homes tidy and getting every last bit of holiday spirit.
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Eleven Gifts for Every Kind of 'Stranger Things' Fan on Your Holiday Shopping List

Holiday shopping is hard.
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Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

This guy got upsent that Porch Priates were stealing his stuff so he got a little revenge. Hopefully If word gets out that this stuff happens it will at the very least make crooks think twice about stealing from our front porches. Please share this video. Spread the word, it could happen. Video of...
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Christmas Story Time

StyckMan's Favorite Christmas Story

I know that Jesus is the reason for the season so when i say "My Favorite Christmas Story" I'm obviously barring THAT story. I came across this story several years ago and ever since then I've been exited for Christmas to roll around so I could tell/hear it again. I don't know who wrote it, nor...
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Have You Finished Shopping Yet?

Just one week left until the big night
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The Gift that NO Parents Wants Under Their Tree

As "the fun" one I think this is AMAZING! I have friends with Kids that I might do this to... Mo! As a parent this makes me cringe. I'm not sure how I would have handled it if this showed up under my tree. It says right there on the box, "The louder you yell, the faster they go" Just imagine, you'...
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Americans Would Spend $158 to Avoid Their In-Laws This Holiday Season

Happiness at the holidays is worth a lot to many Americans. I
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Fire Truck

Fire Station Christmas Light Show

If your job is to keep us safe...Fire, Rescue, EMT, Police, Military... THANK YOU! You have chosen a job to run TOWARDS the danger. Thank You!! The Sterling Fire Department in Colorado has taken a little extra time to wish us a Merry Christmas... Enjoy! Video of SFD Christmas 2018 Video of 2017...
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Vote For Your Favorite Christmas Movie Of All Time

From heartwarming to hilarious, the choices are almost endless
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SCREENSHOTS: Favorite Holiday Movie By State

Your address may determine your taste in holiday movies
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