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Man with Hangover

How To Dodge The Dreaded Super Bowl Hangover

Fact is, some of you will be drinking for the "Big Game" today. If you start NOW you may can avoid that dreaded HANGOVER that looms tomorrow morning. Video of Dodge the dreaded Super Bowl hangover
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Football Drinking Game

The Ultimate "Big Game" Drinking Game

The folks at Delish.com has come up with a great "Big Game" Drinking Game . Now I'm not sure what's going on because they are talking about the Steelers and the Patriots...and it IS a 2019 article...BUUUUT. The game is still cool. I won't steal ALL of their fun but here are a FEW to get you started...
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Dirty Underwear Being Used To Protect Cars From Theft

Not sure I would ever go to this length to ensure my car doesn't get stolen but a British man has found a new anti-theft device that seems to work. He simply uses his dirty underwear. A British author has stumbled onto a new business after he successfully sold his underwear on eBay as a car...
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Lake Baikal

Guy Films Himself Walking Across World's Deepest Frozen Lake

This guy walks across Lake Baikal in Russia, which is the deepest lake and the biggest reservoir of fresh water on Earth. The ice is so clear that you can see the coral, stones and fish at bottom of the lake. Video of Man films mesmerising walk across world's deepest frozen lake
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Candy Hearts

Here's Why You Won't See The Little Candy Hearts This Valentine's Day

For the first time in 153 years, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day without those little candy hearts with the cute messgaes on them. "The New England Confectionery Company" According to MSN "is no longer producing the classic Valentine’s Day candy, which means you’ll need to find another way to...
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The Best Wal-Mart Commercial Ever

Wal-Mart is promoting their Grocery Pickup with possible the coolest commerical ever! They used FAMOUS CARS.. watch the video and tell us if they missed any of YOUR favorite cars. Video of Grocery Pickup - Famous Cars
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Barf Bag

Social Media Is Hunting for a Woman Who Left a Love Letter on an Airplane Barf Bag

An airplane cleaner just posted a picture of a message she found written on a BARF BAG last year. It was from a woman who said she was flying to D.C. to intercept her best friend at the airport to tell him she loved him before she went overseas. Now social media is trying to track her down to find...
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Wrestling Ring

WWE pays tribute to "Mean" Gene Okerlund

Hulk Hogan returns to celebrate the life and career of his longtime friend, "Mean" Gene Okerlund.
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Cool Gramma

How To Have a Perfect Day

This seems like one of the coolest grannies on the planet!
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Gender Reveal

Egg Roulette Gender Reveal

There are six blue and six pink eggs.. All but one are hard boiled and one it's raw. Each person has to slam the egg into their head until the raw one is broken, revealing the gender. Video of Couple Reveals Gender of Baby Through Egg Roulette Game - 1018337
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