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Kids Halloween


I'm not sure How'd i'd react if this knocked on my door?
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Christmas Dinner

Feed Your Family This Christmas "Tinner" in a Can For the Worst Holiday Ever

Fixing up a complete Christmas dinner can be stressful and time consuming, but there is an alternative-- you could just serve up "Christmas Tinner." The full-on holiday meal comes in a can . Yes, this is real. https://t.co/Ee1ICCfQsQ — POPSUGAR Family (@POPSUGARMoms) October 29, 2018
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A Cat Takes Over the Catwalk

We don't mean to be adding to the stereotypical "cat videos on the internet" thing, but this is something you don't see everyday. We don't have any of the story of how this cat ended up on the catwalk but we're sure glad he did. He's so comfortable that he's even decided to stop and clean himself...
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Halloween Lights

Cool As Heck Halloween Light Show

I have mixed reviews of light shows like this. They're alway popping up around Christmas as well. Whereas they are cool as heck, I just have to wonder what the neighbors would think about it. I'm fairly sure they can't hear the music blaring thru the neighborhood. It's probably on some low powered...
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Bus Ignores Warning Sign and Goes Over Wooden Bridge

Hold your breath as you watch this bus cross the bridge.
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Naked man Jumps into Toronto's Ripley's Aquarium Shark Tank

Shocked spectators watched in disbelief as a man, who's been identified as 37-year-old David Weaver, stripped off all his clothes and dove into the large lagoon that houses 17 sharks and more. . At one point, he appeared to be climbing out but then did a backwards dive back in... we don't have...
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Waffle House Takes their Food Truck to Panama City for Hurricane Survivors

Waffle House has their Food Truck out to help those affected by Hurricane Michael in Panama City. The food truck will be giving out free food again until 4:30pm today at 631 W 15th St. in Panama City! #ScatteredSmotheredandRecover pic.twitter.com/X3wlGa3Nuo — Waffle House (@WaffleHouse) October 16...
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Big Brothers Step in for Daddy Daughter Dance

Grab this tissues and watch! These brothers were determined to give their sister a Father/Daughter Dance to remember. Video of Brothers step in for Father Daughter Dance
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You Won't Believe how many Crimes are in this 42 Second Video

You can't make this stuff up.
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Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Michael Up Close

This just hurts my heart! Video of Hurricane Michael Slams Mexico Beach, FL - 10/10/2018
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