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Notre Dame

Crowd Sings "Ave Maria" As They Watch The Notre Dame Burn

An emotional sight to see as people gather outside the Notre Dame during the fire. Video of Ave Maria
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Life Cereal Is Looking for Its Next 'Mikey,' and Your Kid Can Audition

Quaker's "Mikey Likes It" ad for Life cereal was one of the longest-running ads in history. It's the one where a kid who hates everything tries Life cereal and LIKES it. It came out in 1972 . . . ran for more than 12 years . . . and is one of the most famous ads ever. Now Quaker is apparently...
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Martha and Snoop are Back for Potluck Dinner Party

Martha has Snoop frying! Our favorite duo returns with their Potluck Party Challenge April 3 at 10/9c on VH1
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Pug but not Shorty

Senior Dog With Separation Anxiety Finds Comfort In Arms Of Farc.

Shorty, a senior dog, and his human dad is Marc.
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Dumbest Thieves Ever

These people robbed a vape shop and the whole dumb thing was caught on the security cameras.
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The Latest Internet Craze - The Triangle Dance Challenge

The latest internet craze is "The Triangle Dance." It's been filling up our feeds for the last week or so. Looks like these Docs have mastered it. The triangle dance challenge comes to @VIRTarHeels with @BDixonMD and @AliciaBlountFNP #Triangledance in the Triangle! #wherewereyouBream ? pic.twitter...
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Alex Trebek


Alex Trebek has just been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but TMZ reports that he will attempt to finish out this season of "Jeopardy!" #BREAKING : 'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer https://t.co/amS9aTz6Yh — TMZ (@TMZ) March 6, 2019 The Sajak family is...
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Young Child

Viral "Cheese Challenge" Has Adults Throwing Cheese At Kids

The internet is an amazing place. It's been home to many crazy viral video challenges. The latest involves children and cheese. It's called the “cheesed challenge” and it's as dumb as it comes. But it's FUNNY. Instead of telling kids to say cheese when taking a picture, they now get cheese thrown...
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Luke Perry

Luke Perry Dead at 52

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Couple Vaping

Vaping In Wedding Photos Is Hot New Trend

Imagine going to a wedding and the photographer asks you if you could pose while hitting a vape pen. That's the newest trend in weddings apparently. Nothing shows off your love for one another on your wedding day quite like exhaling large plumes of vape smoke into each other’s faces. A new trend...
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