Tyler Stansell

Small Business - Free Commercial Friday

We live, work and play here, just like you! As a local business, US101 cares deeply about our community and small businesses; most importantly, their employees.

Each Friday, Ken and Daniel from 5:00am-10:00am, will host Small Business, FREE Commercial Friday! Even if you’re not open now, suggest buying gift certificates for customers to visit once everyone is healthy!  You’ll have thirty seconds to talk about your business! Restaurants, bowling alleys, small theatres…whatever! We’ll give you 30 seconds to promote your business on Small Business Free Commercial Friday! 

Before you call (642-9101) this Friday make sure you have your commercial ready.

  • Name of Business
  • Location/Address
  • Any specials you might have right now
  • Hours of Operation
  • Quick summary of what your business is about

*local businesses only / your information will not be shared with a third party

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