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Monday, August 13th


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US light shed and it is number one for country and I love curry is seen the news seed in when cute little bitty hands like Michael rain Carly piercing at operating at a pop I just have to watch it. So they did this adorable performance together. And had the video is like listener fan Betty and ranked in at the and they got all its car all. Right now so there's a hash tag apparently hash tag carpal. Obviously this is try to put their names together and like to Brad Angelina staying there is a whenever put the celebrity names again so. I don't even know how to say we can't we can't it does happen. Now because when I say her poll it doesn't come out right for me to kind of premise then on sub so we would all we wanted to do was we wanted to. Head this off at the passing goes straight to the silver stars so we have Michael Ray on the phone. Okay and. So. How how did. First off tell us about tell us about the relations yet dealer ninety day mental deal but don't Ari now. I've been seeing this incredible woman and potent. Everybody surrogate Alice. All happened so you you know to slide in the beer and spill while no I am being poster child a guy take them home I'm not understand the. And I don't think I think it's very. Yeah order allowed gave Avandia on. Good. We really connected. We are first campaign out there those are really your background is based on war and our grandfathers them. According wrapped emboldened and our lives and our failures in part that load looking Newton and not greens and they're not. They're new ball not Lou I mean you know apartment now that we don't. Seemed in beautiful woman on the outside undue burden on the inside her ardent we didn't even better it is in the bed together that world we live we. We have an opportunity to. Debut. Person or is clearly didn't want to know modern. Yeah you need it that's alive right there. If the fifth at an attempt. We wanted to grain where. You know on the phone to call them that hey Dave they called their you know Maynor Clinton renewed all the members are regarding what form and one up an animal. Now Blake Young who also won't be fair about nuclear achieved through a back Auburn. But the most important and yet a done in essence you go to picture that you here's where all spears there that the hearing came back that they would all know where it. And then it bogey at the magnitude of what you're about to speak sir to sit at. But his car and they did that there's merit. Like I do is bring you wrote the Rancho that you bring me out like this even rambled up Lou it's a person I'm going to get or you just happen to be doing probably the biggest duet on. Think Americans. And I've done I mean I know firsthand how much the op remains to Michael -- I mean he'd it is all about you operate with my current. Yet very fluid rehydration or do we we can't do this right I got port would implement implementing this litany. It's just me but I most of them up and debate you don't win here by the back. We're here so. The the video that we watched. When I think it was like a picture of video someone's television we it's it's on her website you wanted to get out US won 100 icon. But they hash tag it. Sparkle you know combine our two names together. Yeah I'll meet you and I did not remember how to pronounce. Siding here around the end of where now I you've had a names machine with somebody else so like do you get his to have a say in answer to is people just created united AGCO profile. I believe he had a great forum. I did I wouldn't hear the burned out there ought carpool though aren't. Police now live as it's it's really aren't any yeah and it's I haven't spit on somebody else. How does charity good but not with the good news see that's a -- think it will we've already helped we got some help in that regard I think it aims selvin and it amazed by agency that you thought okay I can always out there and love it how it could be so how about how about here re likely to last names. Here re okay it's expensive does that experience in the sense Clancy hit you know from. Yeah everybody from UniCredit night. There's Iraq past yes yeah and Alice I came up with with Miley that's you know I tell them that was just not happening 21 names you know Miley Welker he's not into that line. Yeah. And then. This one weed out Willis last and we had nightly Ollie out Mike Lee Michael Crichton. And all of which runs on the done far better than our goal. It. Like any of their of their weight smoother than then corporate. See it from here it's Ali your hands from an eight you know you've got yes that the next putt picky because she is seat hash tag one year you know you're coupled in the early part yeah. Fiscal. Policy and talk about don't actually at Florida. Hello we what are you don't. And the I can't think spare. Kind of laughing with Madison and tell his entire relationship of Carly we just think that you guys at the sweetest couple definitely good pairing you guys rock didn't operate. I you're actually on the road right now all. Hillary layered I hear there and everywhere. We are here actually I don't like to begin earlier respect but we've got the elderly and bear we've written them want to rob a the additional wild rebel boat. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. And of course you've got you're seeing gone that's out there one that got away which is a great songs. We are moments of my coming here to end. I'll have you got my first ever are very big beauty also a big day tripping and the word million US. That's correct answer that we did we did to kind of say a dramatic reading of TCU in the morning that's right and we actually won the bid to mad them. I don't know like tech action operate and and and that was Michael's debut there we were there to see it there backstage hanging out with him it was so much fun. Yeah and I look the important big man Hayward looked right. How not just apply you can't do anything about my debut that would be here. So yeah. Yeah like the answer every seat.