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Cowboy Kyle was raised in the little town of Trenton, Georgia. Throughout his young life, he always wanted to work in radio and even used to tape himself talking on his first CD player while he was changing out the CD’s. He still has some of those too! When Cowboy Kyle began his sophomore year of college at Chattanooga State, he became an intern with the station. He grew up listening to-US101. In December of 2005, he became a part time board operator. 

 After graduating from Chattanooga State, CK pursued other courses at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and was then hired full time as Assistant Production Director in November of 2008.  CK has had/still has many roles around the cluster, including Imaging Director of US101, Program Director of Real 96.1, and on air every weeknight on US-101!

 Now a resident of Ringgold, he is a busy man, but always makes time for family and friends, especially his wife Cherish and his bonus son Weston. AND he enjoys golfing, a little poker action from time to time, grilling on his porch, and a few craft beers every now and then.

What 2 individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with?

Would LOVE to have dinner with Johnny Cash.  I could imagine the stories he would tell.  Also, I really think it’d be cool to sit down with George Strait and have a whiskey & water.  I’d love hear about his life and the reason why he chose to record some of his most famous songs.

What was the first huge music hit that you remember?

Sadly, I think I’ll just have to say the Macarena…  Yup, I’m THAT age.  Hahaha!

What was the best concert you ever attended?

Goodness, that’s really hard to say.  I would honestly have to lump all Heart Strings for Hope shows together.  THE BEST shows to just listen to the music and stories…  And that fact it raises money for St. Jude makes it just THAT much better.

What are you passionate about?

I’m very passionate about my family.  I love them to pieces and would do absolutely anything I can for them.  I’m also passionate about Legos & Monopoly…  But mainly my family. --

What’s your favorite movie?

The Big Lebowski!  Even got the Dude’s poster hanging in my office.

Describe your craziest “how did I get here?” moment.

Somehow winding up on the Red Carpet of the ACM Awards in Dallas was def mine.  And we should NOT have been there…  But somehow we hopped on a bus that pulled us right up to it!  Hahaha!  I’ll never forget that moment…  One that will always be stuck in my head.

Who is your most & least favorite superhero and why?

My favorite is Ironman.  Mainly cause he seems to be a smartypants like me.  Hahaha!  Least favorite is probably Batman…  I’m just not a fan of the “dark, brooding” type superhero.  Maybe the old school one for the TV series in the 60’s I like better?  I dunno…

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your job?

I guess that its fun 24/7?  Being a radio DJ and an audio producer is SUPER fun…  But is a LOT of work.  And very serious work at times.  Its our jobs to inform the public and keep everyone as safe as possible.  And that can be SUPER high stress sometimes.

What’s one song that you have completely memorized?

Way WAY too many to count.  I can only imagine what my brain capacity would ACTUALLY be if I didn’t have all of these lyrics stuck in my head.  Hahaha…  Purple Rain is my go-to karaoke song!

What’s your most dreaded household chore? And why?

That would be mopping…  Mainly cause I really stink at it.  I always leave the floor sticky and miss stuff…  I just want one of those robotic mops so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.  Hahahaha!


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