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Meet No Ticket Turkey

A turkey in Livermore, California saved a speeding driver from getting a ticket last week, and it was caught on the cop's bodycam. The officer approaches the vehicle to let the driver know he will be getting a ticket. As if he were the protector of the people, a turkey comes down the sidewalk and... Read More
Gleb and Lauren

Lauren Alaina Speaks out After DWTS 4th Place Finish

When joining Dancing with the Stars , Lauren Alaina obviously hoped to win the Mirror Ball Trophy. Well (*Spoiler Alert) She didn't. She came in a very respectable fourth place, with Hannah Brown of Bachelorette Fame winning. According to PopCulture she insists that she's just grateful that she... Read More
Christmas Fireplace and Xmas Tree, Presents Gifts Decorations

10 Interesting Behind-The-Scenes Facts from Christmas Movies

1. The shower scene in "Elf" wasn't in the original script. It was added after director Jon Favreau learned that ZOOEY DESCHANEL was a good singer. 2. Also, the fight between WILL FERRELL and the fake Santa could only be done once, because the department store Christmas decorations took WEEKS to... Read More
Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina on Dancing with the Stars Finale

We have a Dancing with the Stars winner. Lauren Alaina , Hannah Brown , Kel Mitchel l and Ally Brooke were the finals in Monday's Finale. Up to now, Lauren is the only contest in the finals that hasn't scored a 10 by the judges. For her first attempts at a 10s, each contestant choose one of their... Read More
Gleb and Lauren

Lauren Alaina Dances in the Finals on DWTS

Tonight is the finale of Dancing with the Stars and Lauren Alaina is dancing for a win againts, Ally Brooke , Hannah Brown , and Kel M itchell . In an effort to document her dancing journey, here are ALL of her dancing in the order of appearance. Week 1 - Lauren & Gleb dance the Cha Cha to "Man... Read More
Raw Turkey

Have Fun with your Family on Thanksgiving with this Turkey Cake

Yes the headline is correct, the turkey in the video is not a turkey at all, it's a carefully sculpted cake. Sarah Hardy makes these masterpieces. She is also known to make wide range of realistic confectionery. From zombie cakes to lifelike chocolate hearts Sarah's creations are like none other. "... Read More
Flip Cup

10 Must-Try Party Games

Most of us will be gathering with family and friends this week for Thanksgiving. But what will we do? Most of us will eat, watch the game, gossip and hope that some family memeber doesn't bring up anything even remotely about politics. The facebook page Outscored posted a few party games that will... Read More
Teen with Cell Phone

Parents Punish Their Teen Daughter by Taking Over Her Social Media

When parents Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter learned that their 15-year-old daughter, Madelynn, had helped sneak boys into a sleepover party, they felt they had to get creative with the punishment. They gave her a choice: Either take away her phone for a month, or they'd take away her phone for just... Read More
Target Store

Potential Loophole in Target's Return Policy

Apparenly this mother has found a loophole in Target's return policy. According to her Facebook post you can technically REPLACE clothing that you buy there. The post reads in part, "Target's Cat & Jack line has a one year quality guarantee. So when one of the boys rips his pants three months... Read More