You Might Not Be Forgetful You May Be Super Intelligent Instead

March 30, 2018

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Curious Mind Magazine

Everybody forgets something at least once in a while. Like a phone number you didn't write down, or your cell phone in a store... what am i saying NO ONE FORGETS THEIR CELL PHONE! hahaha. we’ve all been there. We've all forgotten SOMETHING!

Science(insert "Blinded Me with Science" music here) has made an amazing discovery about us forgetful people that Just might change the way we think about our memory. 

New research indicates that being forgetful doesn’t mean you’re losing your marbles, in fact, it could mean that you are exceptionally intelligent. Needless to say I'm already skeptical about what I'm finding. I sure don't feel intelligent. 

Here's what it says.. People with the best memories in the long term usually forget details once they are no longer needed.

Picture by Cowboy Kyle
If you remember EVERYTHING, you can have a hard time focusing and making decisions because you have so much competing data. A super intelligent person lets go of the crap that their brain doesn’t need anymore. 

It's not unsual for me to open my email to send an important message, and in the time it takes for the email to come up I forgot who and why I was emailing. 

So according to this...I"m not DUMB! I'm "Brilliant"... (*holding in a laugh)..bwwwahahahahah YEAH RIGHT!