Competition within the Competition.

Y'all remember Kim Carson...?

January 25, 2018

I'm signed up for Dancing with the Stars of North Georgia. Whereas I'm not even CLOSE to the top fundraiser. I do have an inside competiton going with a dear friend of mine. Kim Carson, yes the one that used to work here at US101, and I have been picking at each other since i signed on to do this.. who can raise the most.. NOW, I"m within striking distane... Please consider helping me get over the top. Any amount will help.. $5, $10... anything.. but if you happen to have a coupla hundred bucks laying around.. them please, by all means.. please donate it. Click Here.

I wouldn't be fair if i didn't include the link to donate to HER as if you so choose... if you want to donate to here. 

No matter who you donate to... just PLEASE DONATE to Primary Health Care Centers.