Christmas Memories

December 22, 2017

Santa and the Bathtub

Santa has a sense of humor when he comes to the StyckMan house. There was one year when the kids got up to see that there were no new presents under the tree from Santa. Sure the gifts from Mom and Dad were still there from the night before but apparently SANTA hadn't stopped by. 

You know me...I'm asking the kids "were you good?" I'm making the most out of my kids turmoil. 

Finally...Codi (the eldest) had to go to the bathroom and found that Santa apparently had to potty when he came to our house and just dropped our presents in the bathtub while he was in there. He came running out and said "DEVON...SANTA LEFT OUR PRESENTS IN THE BATHTUB!!!" We all laughed about the fact that Santa pottied at our house....and didn't flush. ha!

Santa's Hat

Santa dropped his hat at our house one year. and Codi MADE SURE that Mom put the cap up and kept it till next year so we could give it back. We figured he'd forget it.. he DID NOT! We had to lay the hat out with Santa's milk and cookies the following years. I'm guessing Santa stuck that hat in his pocket because he'd already got a new one. I don't know, that's just a guess. 

Those are memories that my children will never forget.. that was several years ago and Devon mentioned the bathub again the other day.

I'm glad that Santa was able to create that memory for my kids...I hope he creates it for THEIR kids. 

They just Popped into some Cash

Then there was the year that the kid got $50 each... but we're not just going to hand them Money... we gotta make them work for it. We got the money is $1 bills. and rolled up the bills and stuff them into 50 balloons.. You want your money? Then you gotta bust EACH balloon. 

My kids may bust my chops for posting this picture but it was a big moment. Christmas has aways been special in our house. We have countless little stories like that over the years.  We don't have a ton of money. So we had to rely on creating memories. 

Codi is 26 and Devon is 21 now and they have their own lives with girlfreinds and their families now. But they INSIST on working around whatever mom and I have planned for the holiday.  

I hope that you and your family create many long lasting Christmas memories. Those memories that come up the following christmas. From my family to yours. Merry CHRISTmas!