Time Traveler Shows "Video" Of Las Vegas In 2120

Is the video real? YouTubers are divided.

July 7, 2018
Time Travel

© Tomert | Dreamstime.com

"Noah" says he is from the year 2030 and has been traveling through time. Apex TV has posted the video of Noah sharing his story on YouTube.

According to the video he's has been to the year 2120 and has brought back a video of Las Vegas. There are flying vehicles in it, very futuristic looking buildings, and a red tint to the sky. He said was is was terribly hot there and the red is the effect of global warming which he says “I’m pretty sure they are working on in the future.” He'd be the one to know, he was there... RIGHT?!

Some viewers are calling Bull Crap and pointing out obvious flaws. For starters it’s a current day phone and he’s from the year 2030… but Noah says he came here after a failed mission.  And what about the fact that the video looks like it's on a loop...or maybe some annimation? 

Skeptics comments included, "Nope. It's a hoax. Great acting.,”(which is quetionable at best) "If the video was from the future he would have moved the camera recording to show us all the area. It's a lie."  

So here's the video, judge for yourself.