Mo & StyckMan play "Is, Was, Did" with Keith Urban

Does he have any new tattoos?

October 30, 2019
Keith Urban with Mo & StyckMan

Tammy Owens


Mo & StyckMan spoke with Keith Urban on the phone this week and got to talk about a number of things. Like his latest single "We Were" which was cowritten by Eric Church. Keith didn't even KNOW that Eric had a part in it until he was about to put it out. Keith says "I called him up and said i just recorded the song. Maybe downt he track you can do a version with me. He said he would, and sure enough he's a man of his word, late in the summer, he came in and did this version with me." 

Keith is the reigning CMA and ACM "Entertainer of the Year" and is up for "Male Vocalist of the Year" and "Entertainer of the Year." StyckMan asked if it ever gets old. Keith joked "no it gets younger... no it gets better and better." We also talked about performing live and hearing the audiece singing the song back towards the stage. "You're on this stage I've never been on with all these people Ive never seen before, singing every word to every song." He gushes "it's just incredible."

Here on the Mo & StyckMan show we have a game called "Is, Was, Did" where we Google "Is Keith Urban..." and "Was Keith Urban..." and pick out some of the better things that folks have Googled about the artist. During the converstaion we find out if he's in "Old Town Road," Always been a COUNTRY singer and if he has any new tattoos.  Listen to the audio below to hear his answers.