Mo & StyckMan, Best of the Best?!?!

October 6, 2019

Sometime around June(I think), I (StyckMan) noticed that we were on the list for Chattanooga Times Free Press' Best of the Best.  I thought to myself, what an honor! Just to be ON THE LIST was amazing. But boy did you come through for us. You... yes YOU vote the Mo & StyckMan show Chattanooga's Best of the Best Radio Personaltiy. 

This REALLY means the world to us. We can do this thing we call radio without you. Thank you for being with us through all of our silliness and fun. Thank you for letting us into your lives every day. Thank you for participating in our show with the Wheel of Winning, Court of Public Opinion, and Country Question. Thank you for calling us to request songs or tell us about a traffic situation. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. 

I promise we'll try to be here with light-hearted fun every day, if you promise you'll stick with us. Again, from the bottoms of our heart...