Man Jailed After ‘Wet Willy’ Caper

September 2, 2018
Wet Willy

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A 47-year-old man was jailed after allegations he gave his girlfriend a “wet willy.” 

The guy's name is Joseph Sireci, of Fort Pierce, Florida and he was arrested on a battery charge after the Aug. 15 incidents.

His girlfriend said he was drunk on the living room floor when she got home from work.

She said he went with her and her daughter to another home where he “continued to drink and be belligerent,” according to the affidavit.

On the way home, she said, Sireci started grabbing her hand and pulling her arm, and gave her a ‘wet willy’ sticking his finger in her ear.” 

He declined to give a written statement, but did say he wasn’t intoxicated....mhm...sure buddy!

According to Urban Dictionary, a wet willy is “a prank in which the prankster licks/spits on his finger, sticks it in the victim’s ear hole and then turns it round and round.”