Brantley Gilbert Reads Llama Llama Easter Egg To His Children

April 7, 2020
Brantley Gilbert

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images


If you thought Brantley Gilbert was a tough guy, boy does he have you fooled. But really, who wouldn't think he's a tough guy? That signature gravley voice, the brass knucks on the microphone, the leather jacket, the tattoos.. It all screams TOUGH GUY.

Whereas he may be a tough guy, he's also a softy, especially when it comes to his children, Braylen and Barret. As the "Fire't Up" singer sat down to read a bedtime story to his children he also recorded it for us to hear. Below is the uncut audio of Brantley reading Llama Llama Easter Egg. It's probably the cutest thing EVER!

Brantley Gilbert Hope this brings you, and children around you some joy this Easter holiday.

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