Being a Band Kid Isn't Easy

July 8, 2019
Ooltewah Band

OHS Band
Being a band kid isn't easy.

  • Countles Hour of practice learing how to play your instrument.
  • Countless Hours of Practice learing where you're supposed to be on the field. (I promise you that drop a LOT of sweat doing this) 
  • Dealing with normal teenage life -  boyfriend/girlfriends/best friends/school life/home life etc etc
  • Countless Hours of just working to keep your school grades up so you can STAY in band

...and then of course they have to sorta fund themselves too.

The Ooltewah Band is having a car wash on July 20th at the Southeast Bank in Ooltewah and their director has made a little deal with them. 

Dr Tim Ellison - Director

Dr Tim Ellison says If the band reaches $3000 shave his head on the 1 setting.... and then he raised the stakes.. If the band reaches $5000 shave his head to the scalp and beard.

As a former band kid myself, I'd love to help them get their director's head shaved. They had a carwash a while back and I just happened to be in the area so I stopped by and let them wash my car. They were quick, and my car came our lookin GOOOOD!  So please go get your car cleaned by the Ooltewah band on the 20th. If they send me the pictures of their bald director, I'll post em here! 

Plus, on Sept 21st they're having a Car Show. The "Owls Tail Run Truck and Car Show" will be at the Ooltewah United Methodist Church

I'm tellin' ya, it's pretty hard to be a band kid. Please help them keep the arts alive.