Girl Going Somewhere - Ashley McBryde

April 10, 2019
Ashley McBryde

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Ashely McBryde is the ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year and even with that success she opened up on CBS The Morning about her father being less-than-thrilled with her career choice.

She told CBS News, "I'm careful, the things I share with him [her father], because it's important to me. And it's not always important to him," 

"I said, 'You know, Daddy, I'm not just, I'm not just playing bars anymore. I'm playing arenas. We're we're traveling the world,'" McBryde said. "And he said,  I'm proud for you.' Didn't say 'of you.'"

Tearing up she said "Everybody wants their papa to be proud of 'em. Everybody does,"