10 Must-Try Party Games

November 24, 2019
Flip Cup

Most of us will be gathering with family and friends this week for Thanksgiving. But what will we do? Most of us will eat, watch the game, gossip and hope that some family memeber doesn't bring up anything even remotely about politics.

The facebook page Outscored posted a few party games that will keep an idle mind occupied. 

Some games are harder than others. Some games require more supplies than others but we think you'll find a few of these that will be loads of family fun.

  1. Flip Tac Toe - A combinations between "flip cup" and tic tac toe. Two different colored cups, two people flipping. You can't put your cup in the grid until you get your cup flipped upside down.
  2. Walker Bottle - Three bottles, two small table and a long table with a single grid. Whoever gets the "walker bottle" closer to their opponent in 60 seconds wins. You can't move the walker bottle until you land a bottle flip.
  3. Pic Tac Toe - Combining Beer Pong and Tik Tac Toe. 
  4. Face the Cookie - The person that gets the most cookies to their mouth from their forehead without touching them with their hands, wins. 
  5. Bottle Bomb - Crossing musical chairs(sorta) and the bottle flip. Opponents have to land a bottle flip to pass to the next opponent. If you're holding the bottle when the music stops you're out.
  6. King's Flip - Cup requires some modifications of the cups. (watch video for rules)
  7. Flip Stack - Hang a cup on a bottle and move the bottle further and further away.
  8. Balloon Cup - Racing a cup through an obstacle course with the air of a balloon.
  9. Balloon Pyramid - Make a pyramid of cups by picking up the cups with a blown up balloon only. This really looks like fun. 
  10. Triple Threat is the most difficult of them all, but still looks like fun. Watch the video for the rules

These could be drinking games but they could also be fun games for the whole family. if you try this, let us know which ones you liked best.