Duck Dynasty Star Has a Rule When it Comes to Social Media.

August 8, 2018

Jerry Markland / Stringer

“Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson, who joined  a panel discussion, added that she has seen some of her positive social media posts quickly take negative turns.

“I’m trying to put something out good on social media and then people will find anything they can to criticize,” she said, before going on to share a rule her husband Jase Robertson lives by.

“Jase has a rule … he said, ‘If you write something out on social media, do not push send for 30 seconds,’” Robertson explained. “It’s the 30-second rule. Read over it, read over it again, read over it again.”

Taking time to review and assess material before tweeting or Facebooking it — especially messages composed out of anger or frustration — often helps people make more informed, rational decisions.