7 Things You May Not Have Known About Smokey and The Bandit

September 7, 2018

1. Producers Weren’t Interested In The Film-Universal Studios offered to back the project for $5.3 million.

2.Jerry Reed Was Originally Cast As Bandit

3. Burt Reynolds Helped Cast A Dog - Apparently, the dog in the film was personally picked by Reynolds. The reason why he settled on that particular dog? Because it refused to follow any commands!

4. Jackie Gleason Improvised Most Lines - Believe it or not, most of the lines Gleason recites in the movie were entirely improvised!

5. The Cars Could Hardly Run By The End - Surprisingly, the cast and crew only had to use three Trans Am cars throughout the entire film.

6.Burt Reynolds Was Promised A Car If The Movie Hit It Big - Luck wasn’t on Reynolds’ side. As he learned, the executive he talked to previously had retired. The new executive refused to honor his predecessor’s promise, and Reynolds was left without a car. Ouch!

7. Jerry Reed Wrote “East Bound And Down” In Mere Hours