Your Precious Moments Figurines Could Be Worth a lot of money

November 27, 2018


Take a look at how much Precious Moments items have sold for in the past:

1. Limited Edition

This is an example of how well a vintage, limited edition version can perform. It sold for $409 on eBay.

recious Moments has also teamed up with Disney on a number of figurines and collections. This powerhouse team can bring in the big bucks from collectors! Take a look at this piece featuring Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” which sold for $440!

2. Vintage

In these examples you’ll see that these cute little figurines can be worth hundred when sold individually, and thousands when sold in bulk. This vintage, limited edition item went for $300.

3. Original 21

As one of the original 21 designs, this figurine sold for $275.