Oreo is releasing glow in the dark moon cookies

May 15, 2019

Credit: Tracey Patterson Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus

The snack company on Tuesday (May 14) revealed its upcoming release of Oreo Marshmallow Moon cookies. The new limited edition flavor is set to land on store shelves in mid-June, just in time to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission that delivered the first humans to the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969.

Marshmallow Moon flavored Oreos "feature three fun, moon landing designs on the cookie with delicious purple marshmallow creme inside," a spokesperson wrote in an email to collectSPACE. "Plus, the cookies will come in glow in the dark packaging with anniversary sticker sets on pack."

The packaging for the Marshmallow Moon Oreos shows one of the three cookie designs inside — a waning crescent moon with three stars. The other two embossed motifs include an Apollo-like spacesuited astronaut standing by a flag with stars and a ringed planet in the sky and a space shuttle blasting through a field of stars and planets.

The pack, which has phosphorescent ink so that it glows in the dark, also includes the inscription, "Moon Landing 50th Anniversary."