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Pizza Hut Debuts Limited Edition Gravity Blanket

Ever slept under a weighted blanket? It's pretty nice huh? How you would like to combine a pizza and the blanket? Well now you can. If you're not familiar with weighted blankets? Research shows they’re great as stress relievers. According to Market Watch , The Gravity Blanket company launched with... Read More
Watching Holiday Movies

Holiday Movie Dream Job

If you're looking for a holiday dream gig! This just might be your thing. The website is searching for a "Chief Holiday Cheermeister." Before we even get to the job description, that sounds like a cool gig...right?!?! The Chief Holiday Cheermeister will be asked to watch 25 holiday... Read More

The People Least Likely to Help You with Thanksgiving Dinner

The average host spends six hours in the kitchen, and the actual dinner only lasts 35 minutes. Here are the people who are the most likely to get out of helping . . . 1. Kids. 2. Siblings. Like if you invite your brother to come. 3. Your partner or spouse. They didn't single out husbands. But yeah... Read More
Small Masked Dog

Dog's Epic Reaction To Owner After Coughing

Without question Covid-19 is very serious. There are countless social media posts that that take the serious approach and tell us how we should combat this terrible pandemic and those are great. So lets do something a little different. Take a deep breath and just smile for a second. We don't' know... Read More
Country Jack O' Lantern

Country Stars Dress to Impress for Halloween

As we're binging on our kid's Halloween candy, we know you're sitting back and glowing over how awesome your costume was and How cool your kids looked. Then your thoughts drift over to how your favorite country star dressed.. right? Yes? That's what we thought. So we're here to help. Let's start... Read More

Are These the Greatest Vampire Movies Ever Made?

Are you up for a good vampire movie? has a list of the 25 best. And I'm happy to report that not a single "Twilight" movie made the cut. They're not ranked, just listed in chronological order. Check 'em out: 1. "Nosferatu" (1922) 2. "Dracula" (1931) (The Bela Lugosi classic.) 3. "... Read More

Is StyckMan's House Haunted Pt 4

Here we are again talking about the house and the possibility that it could be haunted. Before we go any further, let me give MY opinion... really, I don't think so. I will say that there are a few things that I can't explain but there is a LOT in this world that I can't explain. If you're just... Read More

Are These the Ten Most Important Inventions of All Time?

We might have put "radio" a little higher on this list, but maybe we're biased. A new survey ranked the 20 most important inventions of all time. And radio just missed the Top 10 at #11. Here are the top ten inventions in order . . . 1. Electricity. Or technically, harnessing electricity. 2. The... Read More