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Mountain Dew hot sauce will be hitting stores this winter.

The makers of Mountain Dew are not going to be satisfied until the bright yellow soda is injected into every food, drink and condiment imaginable. Following attempts at marrying the Dew with Doritos and margaritas, PepsiCo is now injecting it into hot sauce. Mountain Dew is teaming up with hot... Read More

Is StyckMans House Haunted Pt 3

As you know I bought a house back in April and it didn't take long at all to start asking the question "is this thing haunted?" To be honest I'm not sure I believe it's haunted, but there have been a few things that I can't explain. Just to get you caught up. The first happening was when the TV in... Read More
Lauren Alaina

See Lauren Alaina's New Nashville Digs

Back in February, Lauren Alaina got a brand new home in Nashville and has spent her time in quarantine getting put together just like she likes it. "I'm very proud of it," the "Getting Good" Singer, says in an exclusive video tour with PEOPLE . The home is 2200 square feet and the living room... Read More


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Today (09/17-2020) , the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce announced that the Chattanooga Lookouts have been named the Small Business of the Year for the 51-300 Employees category. The announcement was originally scheduled for April but delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic... Read More

Miller Lite Has Created a New Beer Can That's Also a TV Antenna

If you got rid of your cable but now you're realizing just having Netflix isn't going to work for football season . . . well here's a convoluted marketing stunt to help you! Miller Lite just created the "Cantenna" . . . which is a can of Miller Lite with a digital TV antenna built in. So you can... Read More
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2020 Finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

If you're looking for a good laugh, and who doesn't need a good laugh nowadays... Check out this pictures from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards . according to their Instagram, they have "The funniest pictures of wildlife near and far - promoting conservation through a positive message." This... Read More

Nike Is Selling Freddy Krueger Sneakers for Halloween

Meet the new Air Max 95s inspired by "Nightmare on Elm Street" villain FREDDY KRUEGER. The design is based on Freddy's striped sweater, although they used red and brown, but not any green. Inside on the heels, there's a bloody "Swoosh" logo, and there's some very light blood splatter. There's also... Read More
Dread Hollow

The Cursed Town Of Terror Returns October 1

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (September 4, 2020) – Chattanooga’s nationally-ranked haunted attraction returns this fall with all new twisted storylines and sets, disturbingly-real scares, and COVID-19 safety practices in place. The haunt and escape rooms in the notorious cursed town begins October 1 and runs... Read More