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A DUI Stop Involved an Amish Buggy with a Massive Speaker System

Cops in Ohio pulled over an Amish horse-and-buggy the other night with a massive SPEAKER SYSTEM built into it. The people driving it abandoned their horse . . . and their 12-pack of Michelob Ultra . . . and ran off into the woods. Please tell me they were playing this song! Video of "Weird... Read More

Nail Beanies are a thing

Apparently, the hottest style in hand fashion is small hats for your fingers. Yep, why wear gloves when you can wear decked out headgear for your fingertips? The most popular nail art influencer on Instagram, Unistella, has been wearing the trend -- so you know it’s going to be a thing. #... Read More

Pizza Hut Has Created Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

Pizza Hut just announced it's teamed up with Kellogg's to create a new CHEEZ-IT PIZZA. Basically, they look like ravioli: They took dough, gave it the Cheez-It flavor and color, and then stuffed it with cheese. From the picture, it looks like they're pretty small, so they're more like mini calzones... Read More

Kale-Flavored Candy Canes Are Here for Christmas

A candy company just rolled out new candy canes for this Christmas . . . that taste like KALE. They also made pizza-flavored and ham-flavored candy canes . . . and you can get a six-pack for $6.50 on their website. A candy and toy company called Archie McPhee just rolled out some new candy canes... Read More

The Ten Most Fun Cities in America in 2019

1. Las Vegas. It's first in nightlife, and fifth in entertainment options. 2. Orlando. 3. New York. 4. Miami. 5. Chicago. 6. Atlanta. 7. San Francisco. 8. Portland, Oregon. 9. San Diego. 10. Los Angeles. Chattanooga was 70 on the list Pearl City, Hawaii was named the least fun city again this year... Read More

The Seven Most Common Things on People's Bucket Lists

1. Travel, 30%. 2. Financial success, 16%. 3. Activities, like skydiving or swimming with dolphins, 13%. 4. Family things, like finding your soulmate or watching your kids get married, 10%. 5. Personal and creative things, like writing a book or making up with an estranged family member, 9.5%. 6... Read More
Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina on Dancing with the Stars Week1

Last night on the season 28 premiere of Dancing with the Stars , it was the first of hopefully many great performances from Lauren Alaina . Her partner was reveal to be Gleb Savchenko during the show. In the video above, Gleb hightlighted her country roots by putting together a Cha Cha to Shania... Read More
Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On is coming this November to A&E!!

Source - The Boot A TV series focused on the career of country superstar Garth Brooks is set to air on A&E in November. Garth: The Road I'm On will be part of the A&E's Biography series. It will be a four-part TV series highlighting Garth's, his wife and fellow country star Trisha Yearwood... Read More